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A Global Support System

During negotiations between countries in climate talks, over 200 countries came to an agreement that would create support for the more vulnerable countries to withstand disasters caused by the climate, invested in by more wealthy countries.

Over the past few decades, these ideas have stayed in the brainstorming phase, with the developing countries trying to rely on the more industrialized ones for economic support. Some countries have been opposed to this because of the fear of being responsible for the emissions in the first place.

A panel of 24 countries is said to start working on the logistics for this plan in terms of what the money should be used for and which countries it would help support. Arguments about how countries should decrease their emissions, or find a way to remove their emissions were debated as well.

Several developing countries, mainly from Africa, Asia, and Southern America, pushed for funding.

“The announcement offers hope to vulnerable communities all over the world who are fighting for their survival from climate stress,” said Sherry Rehman, Pakistan’s minister for climate change.

An article by the United Nations writes, “For Small Island Developing States (SIDS) in particular, the climate crisis has ramped up increasingly extreme weather events, such as the devastating cyclones that have hit the Caribbean and Pacific in recent years. In the Pacific, many SIDS are already being battered by king tides made worse by rising sea-levels while prolonged droughts threaten food security for island communities across the region”.

There is still a small window of opportunity to help stabilize climate change, and with the support of more rich and industrialized countries to spearhead the process, it’s much more resolvable.

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