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A pencil you can plant

Pencils are the writing utensil of choice by students around the world. Unlike some products, especially in a world of mass consumption and waste, pencils are often used to their full potential. Still, once they’re used up, is there anything you can use them for?

Sprout, a company with a new take on pencils, has a solution. After using your Sprout pencil, instead of throwing it out, you can plant it and watch it as it grows into any number of things—from flowers to vegetables to even trees.

Rows of plants sprouting

Why bother with it, though? They’re more expensive, around $2 per pencil compared to $0.11 for higher-end regular pencils, and mostly you have to order them online. Though it won’t change the world or end climate change, buying sustainable products like Sprout can contribute towards a greener life where you use less waste and have greater consideration towards the things you use.

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