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Apps to help you live a greener life

Climate change is an issue in everyone's daily lives. As technology develops, so too do our tools to help combat it. Mobile apps have become a popular way for people to access information and take action about climate change. Here are some of the best climate change apps that motivate you to make a difference:


This app personalizes a daily routine for you to compliment green actions into your everyday life. For example, it can notify you with a recommendation until those old habits become new sustainable ones. The more actions you complete, the more “leaves” you obtain. As these leaves pile up, those leaves will financially support projects in your community.


This app provides users with a list of actions to take to reduce their climate impact. It encourages users to complete challenges related to waste reduction, energy conservation, and more. Once users have completed these challenges, they can earn points and compete with friends to see who can make the biggest impact.

Plant for the Planet

Plant for the Planet is an app that encourages users to plant trees. The app provides users with information on how planting trees can help reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. It also provides tips on how to plan and care for trees. Through satellite access, users can explore where their trees have been planted and see the impact they have made. 


iRecycle helps users find recycling locations. The user’s location is used to provide a list of nearby recycling facilities and what materials they accept. Users can also find more about how to recycle and how to reduce their waste. 


TooGoodToGo is an app that lets users buy “surprise bags” containing food that would have otherwise gone to waste from your local restaurants. The app also tells you how much you have impacted the earth over time. 

By using these apps, we can all play a role in creating a more sustainable future. 

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