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Are Solar Cars the Future of Transportation?

Throughout the years, there have been many different types of cars. Mostly there are two types: cars that run on gasoline and cars that run on electricity. Another new type of vehicle with its sunny side up is the solar car.

Several companies have recently started brainstorming ideas for solar cars, how they would be built, and their target audience.

San Diego based company, Aptera Motors started taking orders for its solar car in (2020). Made with three wheels, this car resembles a bat mobile.

Germany-based company Sono Motors is also working on creating an electric solar car called the Sono Sion. This vehicle is made with solar cells embedded on the roof and sides of the car.

A third company, Lightyear, is developing a solar assisted car. This car is capable of charging itself with just sunlight, but can also be charged by cord like an electric vehicle.

Solar powered cars seem like an exceptional idea for many. This solar technology is very appealing because gas never has to be pumped, and the car doesn’t need to be plugged in to charge. Moreover, it significantly reduces costs and is planet friendly. For people who live in areas with large amounts of sunlight, this technology is even more appealing. Others, namely people who do not live in sunny places, would not be willing to make the switch. If solar cars are used in places without as much sunlight, they will not be able to charge and thus will not run for very long.

A solution to this problem could be to make hybrid solar cars. These hybrid cars would use solar energy, but could also be charged for backup, like the Lightyear model. Hybrid cars would still be much more planet friendly because they do not run on gas.

With so many new technologies emerging, solar technology and solar powered cars are a promising possibility that could become the future of transportation.

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