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Being Environmentally Friendly is Easier than Ever

Over the recent years, new sustainable technologies have significantly increased their performance, and decreased their cost.

In the past, the world relied mostly on burning fossil fuels for energy. Fossil fuels can cause pollution when they are produced and consumed, and their use has severely harmed the Earth's climate. This energy is used for electricity, power transportation, and for industrial processes. Fossil fuels currently fulfill more than 80% of the world’s needs. Recently, however, many advances have been made in technology that will better protect the environment.

These technological advances have made the costs of renewable energy decrease as well. Since 2010, the price of solar electricity has decreased by 89%, and their efficiency has increased. A solar panel with advanced technology can even be powerful enough to light up and power an entire city. Over the past decade, the price of wind energy has decreased by more than 26%. Wind energy can grow exponentially from a few turbines per farm, to hundreds of turbines. Another technology, lithium ion batteries, have decreased almost 97% in cost. Cellphones, computers, and even airplanes can be powered by lithium ion cells.

While there is still room for improvement, these technologies prove that the environment can be protected with our collaboration. Not only can existing technology improve, new technology is being created every day.

Renewable energy is slowly becoming the cheapest source of electricity throughout the world. In fact, in some areas of the world, installing solar panels or using wind energy could be cheaper than using fossil fuels. As we improve our technology, it really does prove that being environmentally friendly is easier that ever.

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