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Climate Tech To Watch

Climate change has been a topic commonly talked about, but there has been little to no change while the risks continue to increase. Moreover, in the last few years, investors have clarified that they are looking for safe investments in a very challenging market. This is where climate tech comes in. With investors stepping into the climate world, here is a list of companies you should follow in 2023. 

    Northvolt is a company with a mission of making lithium-ion batteries with a carbon footprint that is 80% lower. 

    ZeroAvia is making sustainable aviation by switching conventional engines with hydrogen-electric powertrains. This will end up lowering life cycle emissions by 90%.

    Form Energy is working on developing and manufacturing a cost-effective and multi-day energy storage system that will be a fully renewable electric grid all year round.

    Charm converts biomass into a carbon-rich liquid to then pump deep underground, removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

    Volta Trucks creates full electric trucks and revolutionizes last-mile logistics. Their trucks include zero-emission powertrains that eliminate pollution. 

    AMP Robotics uses AI  automation to improve our global recycling system. The AI can identify and recover recyclables at a speed and precision never before seen in the industry.

    Greyparrot uses AI-powered waste analytics for sorting facilities. Their system is deployed on moving belts at plants around the world.

            Redwood Materials uses technology to remanufacture end-of-life products, like electric vehicles, consumer electronics, grids/storage systems, and waste.

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