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Deadly debates

Climate change is real and caused by human action. This is a known and scientifically undisputed fact, yet on Wednesday night's Republican presidential debate, only one candidate even admitted that climate change is real. No one said they believe humans cause climate change. In a time of a warming earth, increasing natural disasters, and rising loss of life and property, can we really afford to elect a president who doesn't believe in climate change or wants to fix the crises that come with it?

American flags waving through bars

Many of the candidates on stage last night defended activities that create greenhouse gas emissions such as drilling, fracking, and burning coal, all of which are proven to be horrible for the planet, increase climate change, and destroy livelihoods, property, and people’s lives. It’s no secret that many companies ignore climate change in favor of profits. 71% of greenhouse gas emissions come from the top 100 companies, after all. The question then becomes, do these candidates truly not believe in climate change, or is their stance influenced by companies that have a stake in denying it?

As we’ve seen recently, we are at a point in the earth that scientists warned us about for decades. Fires are raging in Maui, storms that would be unheard of just a few years ago plow through California, and oceans threaten to overtake cities. If we elect a president who does nothing to fight against climate change, or worse, supports policies that will hasten it, for the next 4-8 years, will we have a country to live in 100 years from now?

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