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The search engine that plants trees

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Trees in a circle

Ecosia – a search engine that plants trees – has gained popularity and recognition for its unique approach to environmental conservation. Founded by Christian Kroll, who was inspired by witnessing environmental disasters during his travels, Ecosia combines the power of internet search with tree planting initiatives. Simply by using Ecosia as your search engine, you can contribute to reforestation efforts around the world.

Adding the Ecosia search engine to your preferred browser, whether it's on an iOS or Android device, is a simple and cost-free process for users. Ecosia generates income through search ads, and this revenue is used to fund their tree-planting projects, making it an impactful way for individuals to support environmental causes.

Ecosia proudly states on their website that they have successfully planted over 175 million trees over the past 14 years. This significant accomplishment has been made possible through their dedicated user base, which has exceeded 20 million people, and the establishment of 13,000 planting sites. With an investment of 36 million euros, Ecosia's contributions have made a tangible difference in protecting and restoring ecosystems worldwide.

Despite Ecosia's achievements and positive impact, some have questioned the organization's motives, suggesting that it may be a scam or that its profits are being misused for personal gain. These doubts have led to the inquiry of whether a genuinely eco-friendly search engine like Ecosia truly exists.

In response to these concerns, Ecosia has addressed the skepticism on their website through a comprehensive blog post. This blog not only provides answers to common questions but also includes a link to a YouTube video featuring interviews with Ecosia staff and the CEO himself. Not only do they post blogs, but also have their monthly financial reports public on their website. It shows how much money has been allocated toward operational costs, taxes, green investments, trees, and much more. By sharing their experiences and insights, Ecosia aims to shed light on their mission, values, and the transparency that underpins their operations.

Ecosia's innovative approach as a search engine that plants trees has garnered attention and praise. With millions of users, numerous planting sites, and a substantial investment in reforestation projects, Ecosia has demonstrated its dedication to the environment. While there are skeptics, Ecosia addresses these concerns through a blog post and video interviews, aiming to provide clarity and build trust with its supporters. By utilizing Ecosia as a search engine, individuals can actively contribute to the restoration and preservation of our natural world.

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