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Exxon: Predicting Global Warming

New research has found that the oil company, Exxon, “predicted global warming correctly and skillfully.”

Journalists and investigators found that since the late 1970s, Exxon knew that the products they make, by burning fossil fuels, could eventually lead to global warming with disastrous effects on the environment, all before 2050. These studies also showed that companies like Total Oil, GM, and Ford have known about the effects of oil on global warming since the 1970s.

ExxonMobil sciences predicted that the average projected warming rate was 0.20° ± 0.04°C per decade - nearly identical to the research published in the early 2000s.

When the rest of the world believed that the planet would go into an ice age, Exxon accurately rejected this hypothesis, and instead, they believed that the planet would go into a “carbon dioxide induced ‘super-interglacial.’”

Even with this knowledge, Exxon tried to devalue the information, despite having received it from their highly renowned scientists.

“What they did was essentially remain silent while doing this work and only when it became strategically necessary to manage the existential threat to their business did they stand up and speak out against the science,” said Supran, a lead analyst from Harvard University and the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research.

Unfortunately, in the struggle to combat climate change, companies who hide their research, especially when its conclusions are negative, are a setback for the world. “It is very unfortunate that the company not only did not heed the implied risks from this information but rather chose to endorse non-scientific ideas instead to delay action, likely in an effort to make more money,” said Natalie Mahowald, a climate scientist at Cornell University.

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