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Let's talk about COP27

The 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference, also known as COP27, is an annual meeting between parties to discuss climate change and the responsibilities of each country in regard to it. Some famous documents have arisen from past conferences, such as the Kyoto, Paris, and Glasgow Climate Agreements. The conference will be held in Egypt, running from Sunday, November 6th until Friday, November 18th.

We are currently on the edge of irreversible change to the Earth. Selwin Hart, a special adviser to the secretary-general on climate action, told UN news that “every indicator on climate is heading in the wrong direction.” COP27 is a chance for all countries to regroup and revise their plans. Last year, only 24 out of 193 countries submitted their plans to the United Nations. This year, one major goal is to have the rest of the countries submit theirs before COP27.

This year the spotlight is going to be on countries vulnerable to climate change and how to protect them. Many of these vulnerable countries will be asking the wealthier countries for aid to pay for the damages resulting from climate change disasters. Some of the wealthier countries include China and America. Recently, many of these wealthy countries have gone back to using coal and other fossil fuels as their primary form of energy. These are some of the issues that will hopefully be tackled at COP27.

COP26, which took place in 2021, occurred five years after the Paris Agreement was signed, and resulted in the creation of the Glasgow agreement. According to the COP27 website, this year we can expect talks about the plans for implementation. Egypt specifically will be focusing on actions, rather than plans. In addition, they will discuss and negotiate the economic aspects of climate change.

Some advocates, such as Greta Thunberg, are skipping the conference which they claim is “greenwashing” and is a way for officials “to get attention.” However, only time can tell if COP27 will truly be different.

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