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Old bottles provide new light

Can water bottles power light for an entire community? Combating climate change can be difficult, but initiatives such as Liter of Light make extremely essential differences.

Liter of Light is a “global, grassroots movement that uses inexpensive, readily available materials to provide high quality solar lighting to people with limited or no access to electricity.”

Through various networks, volunteers are able to assist underprivileged communities and teach them how to repurpose plastic water bottles and available materials to generate light for their community.

Throughout the world, Liter of Light has installed above 350,000 lights in more than 15 countries. While doing this, they have also taught sustainable values to empower entrepreneurs.

Recognized by the United Nations, UNESCO, Zayed Future Energy Prize, and World Habitat Awards, Liter of Light’s technology is very well known.

Liter of Light’s simple technology makes it easily accessible and easy to make. Their daylight kits include a plastic bottle, water, galvanized steel, bleach, and the Sun. With these readily available materials, solar lighting can be generated.

The open-source technology uses “a low-cost light tube that refracts solar light to provide daytime interior lighting for dwellings with thin roofs.”

The low-cost device consists of a transparent two-liter water bottle filled with water and bleach to create algal growth that is placed on the roof. It acts similar to a deck prism, which means that during the day, the water in the bottle reflects the sun, which delivers the 40-60 watt equivalent of an incandescent bulb. These bottles can last almost five years.

Encouraging new innovations create new opportunities for sustainable living.

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