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Seaweed is the new plastic

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

Did you know it takes 450 years for one plastic bottle to decompose in a landfill? 450 years is well over the time we have to save the Earth from Climate Change. What’s even more unfortunate is how much our daily life relies on plastic, from bags to bottles, to containers. However, a startup company, Sway, has been working on a solution- making plastic out of seaweed.

There have been several alternatives to plastic thus far such as bio-plastic. This type of plastic is made from corn and other vegetables. While it can be used to create drinking bottles and food grade containers, there are problems with it. For instance it is not easy to compost because most plastic ends up in the trash. Moreover, it would cost a lot to produce it since it would require a lot of land to grow the crops.There are other alternatives like plastic manufactured from excess CO2. The problem with this is the cost of production.

The new startup Sway has started making plastic containers and more with the use of seaweed. This alternative is efficient and the resources to create it are abundant. It requires no pesticides or fertilizers to grow and is cheap. Seaweed is sustainable and eco-friendly. It can decompose in a backyard quickly. One of the most amazing things about this new type of plastic is that it’s edible. It can be used for food packaging such as for sauces. Ideally it could be a zero-waste product.There are different forms of this plastic that can be created: clear, with color, or even retain the seaweed texture.

This company is starting with using this plastic for shopping bags and plastic wrappers. Sway hopes for more people to use their products and gain an awareness of the environmental benefits of this new innovation.

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