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Solar-powered carport: Six Flags' green energy solution

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

After an enjoyable day out, you return to your car, sweating from the sweltering heat. As you step into your vehicle, you immediately notice the humidity and the seats along with the seatbelts’ scorching warmth after being exposed to the sun all day. This summer that has been the reality all across the world; however, Six Flags now has a green solution.

Solar panels

Six Flags has partnered with Solar Optimum and DSD Renewables to build a solar carport, a structure that provides cover to vehicles from rain, snow, or sun. The solar carport will have solar panels at the top of the structure to provide a dual purpose of providing shade and generating renewable energy. Amusement parks tend to consume a lot of electricity to power utilities and rides. Producing around 20.8 million kilowatt hours of energy every year, this solar installation (including a battery storage system) will be able to power the entire park!

An amusement park ride

“As utility prices inevitably increase, these projects reduce costs, decrease their carbon footprint, and ultimately provide more value to the customer with much-desired shade. The future of solar has never looked brighter, and we’re excited to lead the change with our trusted partners,” Arno Aghamalian, Solar Optimum CEO, said in their press release.

To provide some context, the energy output from the solar carport is substantial, with the capacity to power approximately 2,874 households. The offset greenhouse gas emissions have the same amount of carbon emissions as 17,612 acres of U.S. forests. This park will be the third park to have a solar carport; the other two have already been built in Northern California and New Jersey. Clearly, this construction will have a significant environmental impact and if implemented in more areas around the could lead to substantial long-term cost savings for amusement park companies while also fostering a more environmentally-conscious approach.

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