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Staying cool while staying green

With record-breaking temperatures, this July was the hottest month in 120,000 years! Many households turn to the AC, putting it on blast all day. But this comfort comes at a cost; air conditioners consume a lot of energy in order to operate and end up making our atmosphere even warmer through increased greenhouse gas emissions. Here are some ways to cool off in these extreme temperatures while staying eco-friendly.

1. Install efficient blinds

One of the best ways to keep the heat out of homes is to close the blinds or tint the

windows, keeping the sun’s heat out. Studies have shown that in warmer seasons, tightly closed blinds could reduce the heat in a room by around 40%, equivalent to 10% in energy savings. This percentage increases to 60% and 20% respectively in colder seasons.

2. Use ceiling fans

ceiling fan

Ceiling fans are not only significantly cheaper in comparison to AC but also conserve far more energy. Running the AC for an hour not only results in higher electricity bills but also has a greater environmental impact due to increased energy consumption. In contrast, using a ceiling fan for 12 hours consumes only a fraction of the energy while providing consistent airflow throughout the room.

3. Add a garden to your house

Whether it be an indoor or outdoor garden, plants are a great way to provide shade from the sun while alleviating heat buildup- not to mention the positive benefits to the climate. Plants are known to better circulate air throughout buildings, allowing for a cooler environment. In addition, strategically placing air conditioners in the shade of plants can increase their efficiency by ten percent.

While these are some of the most popular ways to keep your house cool this summer, there are plenty of other ways such as using a water diffuser with cold water or switching to solar-powered energy. Even though the temperatures are continuing to get warmer, it is important we keep the long-term climate impacts in mind and make eco-conscious decisions.

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