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The art in climate

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

During the last year, the world saw a new form of protest by climate activists. Climate protests have been targeting priceless works of art: most famously, Vincent van Gogh’s sunflowers. As a result of these protests, the media has been forced to ask “What is worth more: art or life?”. This has led to a very controversial media debate about the morality of these protests (Read A Wakeup Call). Despite the dispute between art and climate, there is another side to the relationship that most don’t know about: the small community of eco-artists.

Ecological Art is a form of environmental art made by artists who are trying to raise awareness of the dangers facing the earth and to promote its conservation. Keep reading to discover which artists have been attempting to make an impact with their talents.

1. Marina DeBris

Marina DeBris is a name used by an Australian artist who became one of the most prominent faces of fashion through her art called ‘trashion’. In simple terms, trashion is the mix of trash and fashion. DeBris collects the trash used in these garments from waste on the shores of L.A. beaches and put them together into intricately constructed garments

2. Benjamin Von Wong

Benjamin Von Wong is a photographer who combines his engineering and artistic skills to create breath-taking imagery. His art captivates the audience by highlighting the amount of plastic waste in our oceans. He commonly juxtaposes a beautiful figure in a vast heap of plastic waste.

3. Banksy

Banksy is the famous name of a street artist who has dealt with several social issues such as peace, world hunger, and climate change. An example of his eco art is the 2010 I Remember When All This Was Trees.

4. Jeff Hong

Jeff Hong is an New-York based artist that exposed climate issues in a couple pieces of his collection: ‘Unhappily Ever After’. Hong engaged the audience by using nostalgic Disney characters to confront the viewer with the reality of today’s environment.

5. Max Liboiron

Max Liboiron is a researcher known for their contributions to the study of plastic pollution. Their artwork represents their past studies and this is reflected in their ‘Sea Globes’. The pieces that made up the globes were collected from the Hudson river and surrounding New York areas.

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